Smart Windows for Energy Efficient Building, Homes, and Cities

  • Low-Cost

  • Plug-and-Play

  • No Wires

  • Wirelessly Controlled

  • Easily Manufactured

  • Proprietary Technology

  • Disrupting the Glass / Material / Windows Value Chain

    Access video demo or email us for additional information

     info@polyceed.com                         https://vimeo.com/184703952

            Polyceed novel approach will deliver the promise of low-cost, wirelessly controlled, and multi-functional
dynamic windows

    Smart Windows are the missing piece to complete successful smart homes/building/cities deployment under Internet of Things (IoT) concept

    Windows based on Polyceed plug-and-play Integrated Glass Unit (IGU) are at least 50% compared to today's smart windows to replace low-e windows

            Polyceed team comprises of serial entrepreneurs with decades of experience in smart window technologies, wireless communication, and IoTs

    The team has forged alliances with multinational companies with capabilities in the following sectors
to accelerate product deployments:

  • Construction

  •  Materials

  •  Glass Manufacturing

  •   Electronics

2017 Polyceed                                                                                                                                                    Address: Polyceed Corporation, 4541 E Fort Lowell Rd. Tucson, ZA 85712